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Use Cases

Get access to cutting edge AI models in minutes, crafted by experts.
Prevent 99% of fraud attemptsStay one step ahead with realtime transaction monitoring and risk assessment with Sigma Fraud Detection
Prevent 99% of fraud attempts
Reduce your non-performing loans by 98% Access accurate credit scoring and risk assessment for African users with Sigma Credit Scoring
Reduce your non-performing loans by 98%
Unlock more possibilitiesStay tuned for exciting new AI solutions from us at Sigma
Unlock more possibilities

Why Us?

AI is in our DNAOur founders and data scientists have deep technical backgrounds in AI and are trained at world-class institutions like Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon
Access to data from African usersOur team has extensive experience in Africa and has built consumer products used by individuals and small businesses, generating millions of data points.
Deep local contextDeeply acquainted with the struggles of African businesses, we develop bespoke solutions taking into account the distinct African context.
Designed with both product team and developers in mind
Integrate your internal pipelines with our robust Rest APIs
    transactionData: {  
      reference: "d1-2302f0230f2", 
      status: "success",  
      amount: "100.50", 
      balance: "500.00", 
      type: "debit", 
      transactionDate: "2022-04-28T10:30:00Z",
      isExternalPayment: "false",
    device: {
      deviceId: "f13d80f0f0e32229", 
      manufacturer: "TECNO MOBILE LIMITED", 
      model: "TECNO B1p",
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Unleash the full potential of AI to boost your operationsThrough close collaboration, we offer AI solutions that are tailored to your organization's requirements, driving innovation and delivering impactful results.