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SwiftMoney is your financial companion allowing you to access zero-interest, send and receive money, get exclusive discounts, and earn rewards
It's not magic.It's easy access to money.
Here's how SwiftMoney ensures money is available and accessible to you
Your gateway to incredible dealsEnjoy exclusive discounts from your favorite brands and supercharge your savings
Fast and secure money transfersSwiftMoney is a fast and secure way to transfer money to anyone and pay bills.
Earn RewardsEarn Swifty Points with every transaction and redeem in cash or at partner stores
Credit that fuels your ambitionBuild your credit limit and credit score over time and access exclusive rewards. Own your favourite device, car, or house in no time!
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Frequently asked questions?
Do you give loans?

Even better, we give out lines of credit. A loan and a credit line are both types of debt. However, with our credit line, you always have access to a pool of money and don't have to pay interest on it until you make use of the money. That's not possible with a loan which only gives you a one-time lump sum and requires you pay an interest on that amount, whether or not you've spent it.

The amount of money you have access to each month will increase based on your credit score and financial history with us.

How do I build my credit score?
You can boost your credit score by continuing to perform transactions on the SwiftMoney app. Transactions include funding your account, receiving and sending money, creating a savings goal and paying back the last credit you used up.
How is SwiftMoney different from other financial apps?

SwiftMoney is different from other financial apps because we offer lines of credit, not loans. Yet, we do not charge any interest on the credit.

We also make you of artificial intelligence to help you manage your finances. Ultimately, we offer additional benefits like discounts at your favourite merchants and rewards, in the form of SwiftyPoints.

What are SwiftyPoints?

Swifty point is our loyalty system that rewards you for completing transactions in our app.

You can redeem your Swifty points for cash to be deposited in your account.

How do I open a SwiftMoney account?

To open an account with us, simply: download our appand get started.

You must be at least 16 years old with a valid Nigerian phone number.

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